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Product of the Month
Dr. Neon Jr.'s LED Flexi Strips

Dr. Neon Jr. is THE designer of motorcycle neon and also motorcycle LED lights, we are the originator of high quality motorcycle neons and neon light bars.
At we make the coolest motorcycle neon kits for your tank, neon spark plug wires, LED lights, and motorcycle shifter rods with inset neon lights. Everything we make, we light up. So, we can glow any part of your bike.

Our Neon Motorcycle Lights

We manufacture all of the motorcycle neon lights and LED motorcycle lights that you see on So you will not only be buying neon kits and led lights from the originator of motorcycle neon, but you will also be getting it at the lowest price.

Check out our latest cool neon spark plug wires and our neon kits for motorcycle tanks. Our led motorcycle lights are the brightest in the industry and you have to see our newest neon parts; neon shifter rods. There are some other motorcycle light and neon creations that you need to see from the Doctor, like our neon motorcycle parts.

Where You’ve Seen Our Neon Motorcycle Light Bars and
LED Motorcycle Lights

You have seen our custom spark plug neon wires used on Jesse James West Coast Choppers on the Discovery Channel Program “On the Inside, Monster Garage”. You have also seen our LED and neon lighting on Orange County Choppers motorcycles.

neon plug wiresneon plug wires

Doctor Neon’s #1 selling item

neon tank kits

Neon lighting makes your bike stand out

neon light bar

It's the little things that make the difference

neon shifter rods

Shift your bike with attitude

neon accessories

Custom neon parts and accessories for your motorcycle

doctor neon
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So when you want the best lightning led and neon for your motorcycles,
stop by and see the latest creations from Dr. Neon Jr. We are old school bikers selling the highest quality lightning that is made exclusively in the USA for motorcycle enthusiasts.


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