Check out these Neon and LED motorcycle Grips, Pegs and Covers for your bike

Glowjob Ball Point Cover


These grips by Dr. Neon Jr. are made of spiral chrome and stainless steel. They light up with our Laser Fusion Mods and come in the following colors:
You can either light them up with our light kits or have them as stand alone products. An optional remote is available. You can use them to replace your pegs or as turn signals. These are easy to install so no need to take it to a shop. If you have any original ideas, custom ends can be made. E-mail Dr. Neon Jr. for further information.

The standard options are:

  • Ball & Claw (Lg & Sm)
  • Skull
  • Demon Head
  • Iron Cross
  • Tribal

"Tribal" Derby Cover